Collaboration & networks


IBOS’ role as a national knowledge- and rehabilitation center implies an active participation in national and international knowledge networks and co-operative projects.

IBOS participate in the following networks:


A European network of institutes for the blind.
IBOS is a member of the European network of institutes for the blind ENVITER (European Network for Visually Impaired people for Training, Education and Research).
The network was established in 2001. The purpose is to improve the conditions for blind and partially sighted and the rehabilitation area.
An European working party has been set up, and has the overall purpose to generate projects under European management, and attend to share knowledge experience at the low-vision and rehabilitation area.
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International Council for Education of VIP is a global association of individuals and organizations that work for equal access to suitable education of children and youth with visual impairment.
The purpose with this network is to develop and share information about teaching of people with visual handicaps. The target group is professionals and others, who are involved in education and rehabilitation of children and youth with visual impairment. The network lays specific weight on education of employees.
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This is the European network for psychologists that work with people with visual impairment. The purpose of the network is to develop and share experiences between the psychologists involved in the network.


The purpose with the ‘Nordic Visual Impairment Research’ is to coordinate and start common Nordic science- and development work with in the low-vision area, and at inter-Nordic level to develop a scientist- and development network that draw attention to actual initiatives and starts, supports, and are supervising new scientific- development work.
An important part of the development of the network is to connect relevant and coincident initiatives and groups of employees at a Nordic level, including all organisations that work with visual impairment.
The purpose with this Nordic umbrella organisation is to collect and communicate knowledge about the low-vision area. The group has a duty to report their work to all groups of staff of the member organisations in the Nordic region, and to examine possibilities for common Nordic projects/development work.
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IBOS participates in a European network called Norwegian Stroke in Vision (NorVis). The overall purpose of the network is to improve outcomes and quality of life after a stroke.
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DTHS is a nationwide umbrella organization of institutions that provide special pedagogical and rehabilitative efforts for citizens with disabilities in the field of communication. Through DTHS, a professional network is maintained, with the purpose to ensure continued knowledge development and the development of methods in the work of rehabilitating citizens with speech, hearing and vision problems.
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